Random Comparison Tool (v1.0)

Last updated: June 23rd 2021

(Warning: Only tested on Chrome and Android Chrome)

This is my random comparison tool, Soviet-ly named "Random Comparison Tool."

  1. Choose some audios from your drive.
  2. Hit Play to randomly play random parts from random audios, at random.
  3. Hit the dice button to randomize the start times.

I use this tool to:

  1. Reset my ears by listening to random parts from different mixes.
  2. Compare the mix I'm working on to references, for perspective.
  3. Possibly panic and say "Oh shit, parts of a Shakira ballad sound heavier than my death metal track? WTF!"
  4. More positive observations such as "Hey, my 2021 guitars are definitely mixed better than my 2015 ones!"

If this tool serves you, and you're feeling grateful, please send vodka, caviar, and Lada car with new wife inside. Thank you, comrade.

Report any bugs to my twitter or instagram. Links somewhere around here.

--Zander "should be finishing his next track instead of programming little tools" Noriega.