Review: Meshuggah - The Abysmal Eye

Last updated: January 29th 2022

Alright. Gonna dump my thoughts here, as I listen to the new Meshuggah single: "The Abysmal Eye."

(P.S.: Lyrics: Didn't pay attention. Probably some criticism of modern society, or "humans," expressed as a big abstract monster/entity that's devouring everything or something. They always write the same shit lololo. Troll.gif.)

Overall: As usual, a Meshuggah track comes in, and one, the metal musician, goes "Same notes. They use the same three goddamn notes as everyone else. And yet... It sounds better. Damn you, masters. Goddamn you all to hell!"

Final rating: Solid 7.654 / 10.

I hope for more frantic TVSoR-era aggression in the album, but this is not a bad first taste at all. Looking forward to the rest.

--Zander Noriega