Metal Lyrics Glossary (v0.7.0)

Last updated: August 26th 2021

Words and stuff to:

What to use this for #

For when the picture is clear, but the exact words, phrasing, etc. evade you.

Apes together strong.

Sources #

Books. Exclusively.

I strictly avoid other metal bands' lyrics, to avoid being too derivative.

(We all rip off Tolkien, Lovecraft, the Bible, etc. anyway.)

Glossary #

A #

Aberration. Abhorrent. Abruptly. Abolish. Abomination. Abort. Abrupt. Abyss. Affliction. Ageless. Aggravate. Agitation. Agony. Ambush. Amputate. Ancient. Anguish. Annihilation. Anomaly. Apathetic. Ascension. Apparition. Approaching. Arid. Astray. Awaits.

B #

Beacon. Besieged. Beyond. Bitter. Black. Blasting. Blaze. Blind. Blizzard. Bloodthirsty. Bludgeon. Blur. Boiling. Bottomless. Bowels. Breathless. Burden. Burn. Bury. Burst. Butcher.

C #

Cadaverous. Cage. Captive. Carefully. Cavernous. Cellular. Centuries. Chase. Chosen. Clawing. Clutching. Collapse. Combustion. Commotion. Communion. Compulsion. Condemnation. Conjure. Consume. Contempt. Contraction. Conviction. Convulse. Conqueror. Corpse. Corridors. Corrosive. Crack. Cramped. Creature. Crippled. Crumble. Crush. Curse.

D #

Darkly. Darkness. Deadly. Deafening. Dearth. Decay. Deceive. Defeat. Defiance. Deform. Denial. Depths. Deranged. Desecration. Desert. Desolate. Despair. Desperate. Destroy. Detestable. Detonation. Devilish. Devour. Disappear. Disaster. Disdainful. Disfigure. Disgust. Disjointed. Dismember. Dispossess. Dissolve. Distorted. Dragging. Dreadful. Drought. Drown. Dust. Dwells.

E #

Echo. Elusive. Emanation. Emblem. Empire. Emptiness. Encounter. Endanger. Endless. Endure. Engine. Enslaved. Entangled. Entrails. Eroded. Erroneous. Erupt. Eternal. Evade. Everrising. Eye. Excrutiating. Exertion. Exhaustion. Exploding. Extinguish.

F #

Fade. Faint. Fall. Falsehood. Famine. Fate. Fatigue. Fear-stricken. Fearsome. Ferocity. Fervently. Festering. Fever. Fiend. Fierce. Figment. Filth. Fire. Firelight. Flames. Flesh. Flood. Fog. Forbidden. Forge. Forgotten. Formless. Fortress. Frantic. Frighten. Fruitless. Futility.

G #

Gallows. Gates. Gaunt. Gaze. Genesis. Ghastly. Ghostlike. Gloom. Gnawing. Grace. Grave. Grief. Grin. Grotesque. Guard. Guidance. Guilty.

H #

Hammer. Harrowing. Haunting. Hell. Hesitation. Hills. Horde. Hornets. Horror. Hostile. Hour. Hovering. Howling. Humanity. Hunger. Hunt. Hydra.

I #

Ill. Immense. Immortal. Impaled. Impenetrable. Implacable. Impostor. Incantations. Incorporeal. Indignation. Inexhaustible. Infect. Infernal. Information. Infuriate. Inglorious. Inhuman. Insect. Insignificance. Intestinal. Irksome. Iron.

J #


K #

Kingdom. Knowledge.

L #

Labyrinth. Lacerate. Lamentation. Lashed. Legion. Lethargy. Lifeless. Lightning. Loathsome. Loss.

M #

Machinelike. Maelstrom. Maim. Malefactor. Malevolent. Malice. Malign. Mangle. Maniacal. Manipulate. March. Marrow. Mass. Mechanical. Menace. Mind. Mind-crazing. Miscreated. Misery. Missing. Mist. Monument. Monstrous. Motion-blurred. Motionless. Mountains. Morbid. Mortal. Multiply. Mutilation. Murk. Mutant. Mythological.

N #

Nameless. Needle-sharp. Nerve-screaming. Nocturnal. Nothingness.

O #

Obliterate. Obscene. Obscure. Odious. Oozing. Outnumbered. Overcome.

P #

Pale. Palpable. Panic. Paralysis. Parasite. Path. Pathological. Pattern. Penitential. Peril. Perpetual. Perverse. Pest. Pierce. Pit. Place. Plague. Poisonous. Predator. Prey. Procession. Prophetic. Prowling. Puncture. Punish. Puny. Purge. Purify. Pursuit. Pyre.

Q #


R #

Radiate. Rage. Rain. Rancid. Rattle. Ravens. Ravish. Realm. Red. Reeking. Reigns. Relentless. Relish. Remnant. Remorse. Repudiate. Resignation. Resolute. Restless. Revenge. Revolting. Rising. Rites. Rotten. Ruins. Rupture.

S #

Salvation. Sanctuary. Scapegoat. Scarred. Scattered. Scepter. Scheming. Scornful. Scourge. Scratch. Searing. Sentry. Serpent. Servant. Servitude. Sever. Sewer. Shade. Shadow. Shame. Shape. Shelter. Shield. Shock. Shriek. Shrine. Sickening. Sickly. Sigil. Signal. Silent. Skeletal. Skull. Slain. Slaughter. Slither. Smoke. Snake. Solitude. Sour. Spastic. Spawn. Sphire. Spine-chilling. Spiral. Splatter. Splendour. Stab. Stain. Stark. Starve. Stench. Stillness. Stone. Starve. Statue. Strained. Strange. Strangle. Strength. Stifle. Stubbornly. Submission. Subterranean. Succumb. Sudden. Suffer. Summon. Surrounded. Suspended. Suspicion. Synod.

T #

Teeth. Tentacles. Terror. Threat. Throat-wrenching. Thoughtless. Thunder. Time-eaten. Torment. Torn. Torrid. Tortured. Towering. Transplanted. Transubstantiate. Treacherous. Trembling. Tremors. Trench. Triumphant. Tumultuous. Turmoil.

U #

Ulcer-burning. Uncapturable. Uncertain. Uncrowned. Undeniable. Unknown. Unfamiliar. Unfold. Unfounded. Unhabited. Unravel. Unreal. Unsparing. Unspeakable. Unquenchable. Urgency. Usurpation.

V #

Vacuity. Vain. Vanquished. Vehemence. Vein. Vengeance. Venom. Verge. Vestigial. Vileness. Viper. Vision. Void. Voiceless. Voyage. Vultures.

W #

Whisper. Wilderness. Wildfire. Windless. Wisdom. Witch. Wolves. Womb. Worm. Worthy. Wounds. Wrath. Wretched. Writhe.